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How to Migrate to Canada through Business Immigration Method:Visa Immigration Lawyer Brampton


For people who have his own business and wants to migrate to Canada he could join by using the Business Immigration Program and via a Visa Immigration Lawyer Brampton. This is designed for people who seek to migrate and are in a position to contribute to Canada’s economic development with the investment and possessing managerial skills.

Additional demands

The individuals who can apply for this category should have financial resources which can strengthen Canada’s economy while creating more jobs. Such individuals should have company experiences and has a comparatively high net value. There are 3 classes which are under this Business Immigration Program Visit this Website :- – Brampton.

The three Business Immigration Programs

Every class has different targeted donations to the Canadian market while it has its own requirements for the applicants too, such as:

1. Immigrant Investor Program — those programs is seeking experienced business people who are willing to put up considerable investments in the economy of Canada. The web worth of the applicant for this can be $800,000, CAD and are going to be able to set up the legality of getting this sum. These immigrant investors should spend 400,000, CAD which the government of Canada will go back to the investor following five years without interest. Qualification of this immigrant investor should be having managed a qualifying company.

2. Entrepreneur Program is another category that concentrates on company immigrants that has hands-on function in contributing to the Canadian economy. Net worth requirement with this applicant is CAD$300,000. The applicant must commit to both handling as well as owning a minumum of one third of the Canadian business which will create/maintain employment for 3 years following landing.

3. Self-employed Persons Program is the class that places people who have relevant experiences and skills in a certain company, sports, culture or farming who is ready to support themselves and their reliant on self-employed income. The eligibility for this can be for the individual to establish experiences, artistic qualifications and net worth that is dependent upon the criteria they are applying.
In summary

With the 3 categories for business, immigrant can choose the best option for his to follow to realize that Canada business dream that he has aspired for.

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