Testimonials from Our Participants!

“Immediately after receiving your judgment of semi-finalist for my screenplay “Healing Marie,” Liz Versalie from Carmichael Films requested the script. The same screenplay was a winner in one competition and a finalist in five others! I received only a “semifinal” from you, but on the strength of that, I received the request mentioned above. No other screenplay competition did that. Furthermore, Acclaim’s correspondence to me was warm and pleasant. It didn’t carry that temporary heat that’s thin and short in Hollywood. It wasn’t computer hollow cold. It was warm. Human. Friendly. Contemplative and understanding. Their correspondence to me was from the kind of people I want to read my screenplay. Their notes were sincere and aimed directly at me. Whatever your genre, I’ll bet that when they type to you, it’ll be accurate to you, too.”

James Ossi Semi-finalist, screenplay, HEALING MARIE


“Thanks so much for naming “It Didn’t Blow Me Away” as a finalist in your contest. I appreciate that the folks at Acclaim really read the scripts and provide thoughtful comments and support to the writers. This is the only contest I’ve participated in on a regular basis because I know its purpose is to benefit all the writers who enter it. Keep up the good work!”

Brenda Pontiff Finalist, TV Spec, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM


“Thank you again for the opportunity you have provided to me and other screenwriters with the Acclaim Contest. Your notification that my script Long Overdue won was great news and made all those hours in front of the computer seem worthwhile. I also appreciated the in-depth feedback. It showed my script was read with attention to detail. Yours is definitely one of THE top contests.”

Eric Carlson


“I’m honored that my Will & Grace spec won the Spring 2003 contest, but that’s not why I want to thank Acclaim. In the Fall 2001 contest, Acclaim selected my Malcolm in the Middle as a semi-finalist. It was the first time my writing placed in a contest. More importantly, it was the first time I felt validation as a writer, which to me is far more important than any doors opening or prizes as it encouraged me to continue honing my craft. I can’t say for sure if I ever would’ve written the Will & Grace without the first small amount of encouragement and for that, I truly give thanks. (For the record, I kept working on the aforementioned Malcolm and it just recently won the Scriptapalooza TV sitcom category.) So keep doing what you do because a little encouragement goes a long way.”

Alexander Sabeti Winner, TV Spec, Will & Grace


“Your letter and feedback were much appreciated. I make my living as a writer but it’s still difficult sometimes to simply mail scripts out to contests to be judged. Your personal feedback gave me a sense of having been read and your comments were constructive.”

Keith Irace, semi-finalist Sex and the City


“Winning this contest has been a highly valuable experience. I am grateful for the opportunity of having my work read by industry professionals—the Donners’ company has already requested my script—and also for the benefit of gaining further exposure through Writer’s Script Network. Since winning this contest, my correspondence with its director, Frank Drouzas, has been everything that a screenwriter could hope for; supportive and involved. To aspiring screenwriters, I highly recommend entering this contest, and to the people at Acclaim, I thank you whole-heartedly.”

Stephanie Boddington, Screenplay Contest Winner, Atlantis


“Thank you for selecting me as a finalist. Your competition gave me a sense of validation, and the inspiration to continue my other scripts. I am honored, grateful, and humbled by your having selected me.”

Sincerely, Brett Bailey Finalist, screenplay, TO LIVE AND DIE BY THE SWORD


“WOW! Thank you so much, Darren and I are truly honored to have won your competition. It is so great to be recognized for all the hard work and creativity we poured into this screenplay (The Human Equation).”

Greg Wilson and Darren Debari, winners, screenplay


“Thank you for all of the help, support and referrals you’ve given me! Production companies have been sent my script – The Performance – thanks to you!”

Spencer Beglarian, Finalist, screenplay


“I was thrilled to have my screenplay recognized by Acclaim’s competition. As a writer just starting to break into the business, I appreciated the insightful feedback they provided on how to make my script even better. And making it to the semi-finals was just the confidence booster I needed to get back to my keyboard and keep writing! ”

Lotti Louise-Pharriss, finalist, screenplay


“I am very grateful for having been the TV script winner in your Fall 2004 contest. My writing life has been forced into the backseat for the past several months, but the recognition and encouragement provided by this award has been a great help in rekindling my efforts. Thank you! ”

Dan & Nuria Wicksman, screenplay


“Thanks so much for writing to us to let us know our girl-comedy script “G’waba Girls” has been chosen as a finalist in the Fall/Winter 2004 Screenplay Competition. We are delighted! And thanks also for your thoughts and feedback on the script – much appreciated!”

Marlon McAvoy, TV script


“In my opinion Acclaim Film and Television Screenwriting competition is the best in the country! Not only because my script “Omaha Express” was named a semifinalist for Fall 2001, but because of the helpful attention Frank Drouzas gives you when the contest is over. I will enter again, often.”

Carl Bradfield


“I’m thrilled to be the Runner-up in the Television Script Competition for my Malcolm in the Middle spec “Computer Illiteracy”. This has already opened up lots of doors and I have been able to get some key people on my target list to read my scripts!”

Andrew Bird


“We greatly appreciate your choosing our pilot “Sensitivity” as a Finalist in your TV contest. It is wonderful to get positive feedback about our work, and your nice note was icing on the cake. Thanks for everything.”

Lance Lyle & Kevin Finney, Finalists, TV Spec


“Entering and becoming a finalist in the Acclaim Screenwriting Competition was a fantastic experience. The staff was courteous and professional. Definitely a ‘recommend’ to anyone looking to enter a screenwriting contest.”

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