Production Companies

Acclaim Film And Television is proud to announce
its affiliation with the following companies:

(list is subject to updating)

    • COBBLESTONE FILMS, based in Los Angeles


    • CAPITAL CREATIONS, based in Los Angeles


    • AVALANCHE FILMS, based in Los Angeles (Just Like Being There)


    • SSS ENTERTAINMENT, a film an tv production compay based in Beverly Hills (Guardian Angels)


    • PARADIGM TALENT AGENCY, with offices in Los Angeles, New York City, Monterey, California and Nashville, Tennessee, Paradigm has established itself as a leading entertainment talent agency, guiding the careers of an elite roster of actors, musical artists, directors, writers and producers.


    • STARS NORTH, an award-winning, independent production company based in Orlando, Florida (The Single Chick’s Guide To Italy, Hotel Paradise)


    • LANCASTER GATE ENTERTAINMENT, based in Encino, California (Grumpy Old Men, Grumpier Old Men, Secret Cutting)
    • JO FILMS, New York-based indie film and theater production comapany headed by Sarah Knight


    • MANHEIMER ENTERTAINMENT, independent production company in Hollywood (The Pros and Cons of Breathing)


    • INTRIGUE, an independent production company in Los Angeles.


  • DURKIN ENTERTAINMENT, An indie TV/film production company and a former literary and theatrical agency
    for over 25 years, which provides literary excellence to co-venture production deals worldwide.
  • THE RADMIN COMPANY, a literary management company, Beverly Hills.
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