Cannabis Seed to Sale Software: The Key to Being Compliant with CCA Regulations


The cannabis sector at which the cultivators and producers are Members are inhibited under a particular regulatory body in the recent years but have emerged in the legal marketplace for medical and adult usage. One of the most essential regulations employed by the California Cannabis Authority (CCA) is for all these cannabis companies to provide a monthly report composed of information related to the certain stages of the process. In light of this, most cannabis organizations are not yet equipped with their system to readily create the essential data and they are finding this as a strenuous requirement but still wish to comply. In view of this, the Trellis Solutions, a software supplier has introduced their version of the Cannabis Seed to Sale Software .

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What is seed To purchase program?

Seed to purchase applications is a computerized program that enables Cannabis companies to record all information related to their operation. Every stage of the procedure, someone will take the duty of entering the data and these are all merged in the app. In the mandatory date of the coverage, the cannabis company may then produce the record required by CCA which makes them compliant.

How is the software installed?

There is a demo Which Will be conducted by Trellis solutions For their software to the cannabis firms that are considering getting the program. This will offer the management group of the firm knowledge on how the program will help them and how they will utilize it to have the ability to comply with the regulatory requirements of this CCA. If they will get the software, Trellis will set up the program, train their personnel and supply aid in the full procedure. They’ll even be there if troubleshooting is needed.


Having the seed to sale program the company will be able to Be compliant at the exact same time they can focus on their original task in their operation.

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